Our Quality Policy

Our company which serves the sectors of construction, especially white goods, automotive, machinery in national and international standards, produces customer expectations and requirements acidified, Cold rolled, Galvanized coated, Painted flat steel and these flat steel in our Steel Service Center Painted or unpainted in various forms. Our company's quality policy is shared below.
We standardize our production, quality control requirement with our most qualified staff and technology.
In this regard, through planned and systematic trainings, we help our professional staff working collective and amateur spirit to improve their career.
We fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers completely and aim to create customer satisfaction with the delivery of our products on time. We provide full support to our customers in accordance with the harmonization of our company's working principles.
''Zero error in production'', ''doing business right the first time'' and ''continuous improvement of our processes'' are our permanent goals.
We keep our health and safety precisely alive every time we use and protect natural resources. Taking into account the possible effects of our activities on the environment, we act with an environmental sensitivity that is difficult to reach.

  • Tezcan A.Ş, which aims to grow vertically and continues its investments for integration with this understanding, continues to produce 1.3 million tons of flat products per annum and produces high added value products. Since its foundation, it has become one of the leading companies in its sector with the investments it has spent its life with, its conformity with global quality standards, the use of latest technology equipment and its rapidly evolving structure.

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