Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy as TEZCAN,

To keep environmental impacts in compliance with all environmental laws and regulations in order to protect the environment and to ensure continuity, and to continuously improve our environmental performance by reducing these effects and this awareness is to leave a livable clean environment to future generations by carrying out all product production activity with 'Operational Business Excellence'. While managing our operations, we take all necessary precautions to protect natural resources, minimize waste quantities, and prevent soil, air and water pollution.

Activities that we made while carrying out our politics:
Ensuring continuous improvement and improvement by providing all legal generalities and environmental requirements related to customer requirements.

Provide protection of natural resources by reducing the use of raw materials by using appropriate technologies that are least harmful to the environment in the frame of technical and economic possibilities.

Consider environmental impacts in plant and process design.

To raise awareness of our employees, subcontractors and the people of the environment with regard to our responsibilities towards the environment.

To evaluate recycling and re-evaluation alternatives by reducing the wastes that may arise as a result of production, transportation, storage, operation, treatment and maintenance activities.

  • Tezcan A.Ş, which aims to grow vertically and continues its investments for integration with this understanding, continues to produce 1.3 million tons of flat products per annum and produces high added value products. Since its foundation, it has become one of the leading companies in its sector with the investments it has spent its life with, its conformity with global quality standards, the use of latest technology equipment and its rapidly evolving structure.

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