Shipping and Packaging

To protect galvanized sheets from white rust formation, the following points must be considered.

  • Continuous air circulation during transport.
  • Stocking must be done in continuous air circulation. (Distance between two stacks should be minimum 100mm.)
  • Relative humidity should not be more than 70% in stocking area.
  • Temperature difference in stocking area should be very small. (5-10°C)
  • Galvanized sheets should not be held for a long time or should be circulated periodically. In addition, water particles that may form on the surface should be erased.
  • Stacks should not be in direct contact with the ground, they must be held on a pallet or chock. (The base should be at least 100mm above.)
  • Stacks should not be left out and should be stocked with plastic covering materials.

Overseas shipments are subject to passivation (static lubrication, chromating). Overseas shipment is made by coating with kraft paper, plastic coating and steel protection.

1- Paper Packaging for Roadway Shipments
  • The product is strapped by covering the entire surface with waterproof paper and then closing the protective metal to the edges of the product.
  • Used paper product protects against moisture and wetness.
2- Steel Packaging for Overseas Shipments
  • The entire surface of the product is coated with waterproof paper and then coated with galvanized sheet to cover the entire surface of the product. Packaging is completed by putting protective sheets on inner and outer parts.
  • The steel packing is made for protection against impact and deformation that may occur when the product is unloaded in ports.
  • Option to place pallets under the products in the direction of customer requests.

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