Our Work Safety Policy

TEZCAN aims to protect the creation of safe working areas and job safety culture from injuries and health problems resulting from work accidents by using all the possibilities within the Factory limits by using Proactive approach within the scope of production concept in world standards. Our goal is zero work accident and zero occupational disease. 

TEZCAN, under the legal responsibility, cares about the health of work health and safety of not only the employees but also the suppliers, trainees, visitors and contractor personnel with job trainings given before the entrance to the factory, and Work Safety prepared in a way that aims to learn the specific risks to the processes in production areas by living. For this purpose it aims; 

•To meet all legal and other obligations related to Occupational Health and Safety,
•To adopt the principle that Occupational Health and Safety improvement activities are the collective responsibility of all employees,
•To set targets for participation at all levels in Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction activities,
•To improve culture of constantly occupational health and safety and achieve the goal of sustainable "Zero Work Accident and Zero Occupational Disease"

  • Tezcan A.Ş, which aims to grow vertically and continues its investments for integration with this understanding, continues to produce 1.3 million tons of flat products per annum and produces high added value products. Since its foundation, it has become one of the leading companies in its sector with the investments it has spent its life with, its conformity with global quality standards, the use of latest technology equipment and its rapidly evolving structure.

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